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Starting from a Jaipur office we have grown to be a leading name in the industry today
as the logistics partners of choice serving diverse industries when it comes to
handling their shipments both inbound and outbound.

Operating out of our
head office based in Jaipur and aided by our Concar, Jaipur office and
associate partners in Mundra, We are a one stop shop providing solutions to our
clients thus letting them focus on their core activities that they are meant

We provide our customers with hassle-free diverse services as per their
requirements such as airfreight, sea freight, warehousing, customs clearance
and transport besides value added services.

Our authentic and
trusted services have helped us to achieve an unrivalled name for ourselves
among our peers.

We provide services
across all sectors of the industry and tailor-make our services to serve individual
needs. This trait of ours has enabled us to always offer reliable personalized
service enabling us to grow along with our clients.

As an independent air
and sea cargo operating organization, we have positioned ourselves in the midst
of some of the most prestigious providers of freight forwarding services in

Years Of Experience
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Our Services...


As Form Jeen Global Logistics, we provide logistics support for your export and import cargoes from Turkey, which acts as a bridge, to the whole world. Your products are delivered reliably and on time with the right organization and right planning. We provide partial and complete vehicle transportation services using the latest technologies with our strong agencies and customer-oriented solutions around the world.
We are a fast and reliable solution partner with the possibility of all types of (standard/mega/suspended /refrigerated/minivan) vehicles organized according to your request. We report all the information about the status of the cargo from the beginning of the transportation to the delivery, and we deliver every detail you want to learn about your load on time by our expert staff.


In our railway transportation service, we provide logistics services to our customers with optimum costs and minimum risk of damage for all your loads. You can easily send underground resources such as coal, iron or you’re agricultural and forest products by rail transport. Thanks to this environmentally friendly type of transportation, we provide freight advantages at low costs in long-distance transportation, thanks to the flights to European and Asian countries.


Form Jeen Global Logistics provides services that will enable it to reach all airports in the world with the fast service required by air transportation, its wide agency network covering the whole world and its established locations. We do not only provide service from the airport to the airport; Our company, which also offers different transportation models such as land-air, sea-air, provides cost advantage by producing different alternatives in flight organizations on behalf of its customers.


we provide maritime transportation services to our customers around the world by combining our work with shipowners and our strong agency networks with the knowledge and experience we have. We provide your organization for all your FCL or LCL cargoes, using the economical, fast and transportation options you specify to your desired location. Considering all the locations in the world; We offer customized solutions for a cost-effective, reliable and efficient service. Thanks to our variety of special equipment required for your loads, we provide uninterrupted and reliable service for all your loads.



Safety, Service and Solutions are the three objectives that characterize the exercises of Jeen Global Logistics.


We have faith in cooperation and we have a group of creative issue solvers and visionary trend-setters who produce successful results.



We are practice to handle the handicrafts & textile industry and making the plans as indicated by client necessities and also highly safety alternatives.


Well trained and affirmed traditions clearing staff empowers precision and effective leeway products through custom empowering agent to get merchandise in most limited conceivable term.

Meet Our Team of Professionals...

Mr. Sumit Sharma

Managing Director

Mr. Amit Sharma

Branch Manager 

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